Graphical tutorial for TextToMp3 multilingual dubbing

Today, with the rapid development of technology, many products have been born. Some products are never thought of, just like text can now be directly changed to audio. Foreign languages ​​that you can't understand can be translated by swiping with your mobile phone. Now even if you don't speak a foreign language, you can use a TextToMp3 to achieve a foreign language dubbing. So how to make a foreign language dubbing? Proceed as follows.

Step 1: Download TextToMp3 in your mobile app market.

Step 2: Open Text To Mp3 on the phone, input the text that needs speech synthesis into the edit box, and select the language and speaker to be synthesized according to your actual needs. (If you want to synthesize English, please select the English speaker.) Adjust the speed of the speech, then click to listen, after you are satisfied, click the "Next" button in the upper right corner to go to the advanced settings page.

Step 3: On this page you can modify a lot of options, choose to add background music or adjust other audio parameters. For example: add background music, modify the speed of speech, modify the size of background music, modify the volume of text and so on. Click "Save" in the top right corner after editing.

Step 4: After clicking “Save”, a small box pops up at this time, you can name the recorded audio or add a note description. Go to the "My Audio" page to export or share your MP3 files.

Currently, TextToMp3 supports languages ​​including: Chinese, English (United States), English (India), English (UK), English (Wales), English (Australia), Japanese, Russian, Korean, French (France), French (Canada) , German, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Portuguese), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Norwegian , Romanian, Swedish, Welsh, Turkish.

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