Multilingual dubbing with TextToMp3

TextToMp3 supports multilingual dubbing.
Languages ​​supported by TextToMp3 include: Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, German, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Welsh, Turkish.
Audio recorded with TextToMp3 is similar to human voice.
TextToMp3 has a variety of sounds such as male voice, female voice, and children's voice. It focuses on the speech synthesis experience and provides users with many distinctive pronunciations. Their synthesized sounds are close to or exceed the human voice in terms of sound color and naturalness.
TextToMp3 supports adding background music.
TextToMp3 can be customized for background music, add local music, or download songs from the music store to match your audio perfectly. In addition, TextToMp3 supports free adjustment of music volume and text volume, such as text playback, which can increase or decrease the background music volume.
TextToMp3 is easy to operate, sharing and exporting MP3 files with one click.
Online speech synthesis, efficient and convenient! TextToMp3 can share synthesized audio files to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and export audio files to PC, iPod or speakers.

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